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  • Exterior of the Center for Specialized Medicine and SSM Health SLU Hospital at sunset

    07/01- SLUCare Physician Group is now part of SSM Health -- building on a decades-long partnership to provide Mission-based, compassionate care across the St. Louis region.

  • Clinical esthetician Paige Campbell performs facial treatment on patient

    04/08- After two years of limited social activity, many people are ready to venture out again. Treat yourself and put your best face forward with cosmetic services from the SLUCare Med-Spa.

  • Young woman pouring pills from prescription bottle into hand

    03/28- Psychiatrist Dr. Rushaniya Khairova of the SLUCare Women's Reproductive Mental Health Clinic discusses the importance of talking with a doctor about psychiatric medication use during pregnancy.

  • Young mother holding her head in one hand and baby in the other

    03/25- Psychiatrist Dr. Rushaniya Khairova of the SLUCare Women's Reproductive Mental Health Clinic offers guidance for new moms struggling with anxiety or depression.

  • Dr. Rukmangadachar shines a light to examine patient's eyes

    03/10- Treatment for multiple sclerosis has greatly advanced over the last 20 years. SLUCare MS specialist Dr. Lokesh Rukmangadachar discusses how the disease is diagnosed and why there's hope for today's patients.

  • Inclement Weather

    02/02- SLUCare Closed Wednesday, February 2

  • Tune in to KMOV-TV 4, Thursday, Jan. 20, 6:30 p.m., to see how SLUCare nuclear medicine specialists are working to eradicate cancer cells using radioactive isotopes to target tumors in prostate cancer patients.

    01/20- See how SLUCare nuclear medicine specialists are working to eradicate cancer cells using radioactive isotopes to target tumors in prostate cancer patients. Episode aired January 20, 2022, on KMOV-TV 4.

  • SLUCare Physician Group marks one year in its newest location, offering centralized specialty services, new, convenient technologies and spaces designed to promote healing.

    08/27- SLUCare Physician Group marks one year in its newest location, offering centralized specialty services, new, convenient technologies and spaces designed to promote healing.

  • An illustrated laurel wreath surrounding gold type that reads SLUCare Honors.

    08/12- SLUCare Physician Group celebrates the recent recognition of two physician-educators with the Division of Nephrology: Dr. Krista Lentine and Dr. Thanh-Mai Vo.

  • In this episode, meet three patients who defied the odds and are thriving in adulthood, thanks to the SLUCare Cystic Fibrosis Center. Show aired July 26 on KMOV-TV 4.

    07/26- In this episode, meet three patients who defied the odds and are thriving in adulthood, thanks to the SLUCare Cystic Fibrosis Center. Show aired July 26 on KMOV-TV 4.

  • SLUCare vascular surgeon Dr. Catherine Wittgen oversees an ultrasound of a patient

    05/20- After her stroke, Layne Harmon connected with vascular surgeon Dr. Catherine Wittgen for follow-up care. "Her confidence, knowledge and expertise made me feel like I was getting the right kind of care."

  • SLUCare OB Team at St. Marys Hospital

    04/22- Many women have heard the mantra, "Once a C-section, always a C-section." But that's not necessarily accurate, explains SLUCare obstetrician Dr. Jennifer Goldkamp. Here's why.

  • Dr. Wong Discusses Surgical Options with a Patient

    04/09- When a hernia painfully disrupted Bill Wilson's life, he sought help from SLUCare surgeon Dr. Scott Wong. Dr. Wong repaired Bill's hernia using robotic surgery, requiring only tiny incisions and minimal downtime.

  • SLUCare optician Olivera Jandrasevic; optometrists Katie Loock, Michelle Beck and Thomas Porter; and audiologists Melissa Lowe and Dave Harris

    03/11- After a car accident badly damaged Darleen Drugun's vision, SLUCare optometrist Dr. Katie Loock fit her with a custom contact lens to restore clarity and quality of life.

  • SLUCare Otolaryngology Sinusitis Experts

    01/20- Alan Robbins struggled with sinus trouble for years. Previous surgeries failed to correct the problem. Then SLUCare ENT Dr. Jastin Antisdel offered a solution that finally brought relief.

  • Connie Williams’ constant coughing dragged on for years with no definitive diagnosis —until she met SLUCare pulmonologist Dr. Ghassan Kamel, who finally found answers and developed a plan for relief.

    12/17- Connie Williams' constant coughing dragged on for years with no definitive diagnosis -- until she met SLUCare pulmonologist Dr. Ghassan Kamel, who finally found answers and developed a plan for relief.

  • SLUCare med-spa team: esthetician Paige Gardner, Dr. Frank Simo, Dr. Collin Chen and esthetician Julie Moore

    11/24- Even if you're planning low-key celebrations this holiday season, you can still put your best face forward. SLUCare offers med-spa services to give your look a lift in as little as 15 minutes.

  • SLUCare breast surgeon Dr. Katie Farrell consults with a patient

    11/24- With a diagnosis of breast disease, it's important to not only address the patient's physical needs, but to also alleviate fear and offer support. Dr. Katie Farrell explains how SLUCare meets each of those needs.

  • Group shot of SLUCare optometrists and audiologists at the Sight and Sound Center

    10/26- In the new SLUCare Sight & Sound Center, optometrists and audiologists share a single, modern space to conveniently assist patients with their vision and hearing needs.

  • SLUCare orthopedic surgeon Dr. Randall Otto with a patient

    10/06- "Before my operations, the pain was so bad that I couldn't lift either of my arms higher than shoulder level," says Jim H. Now he's swimming, golfing, bowling and feeling great.

  • Learning to Use Allergy Drops with Dr. Brunworth

    09/14- Wish you could treat your allergies without shots? SLUCare specialists offer sublingual immunotherapy — under-the-tongue allergy drops customized just for you.

  • Best Doctors 2020

    07/31- St. Louis Magazine has released this year's list of Best Doctors in the region, including SLUCare physicians in more than 40 adult and pediatric specialties.

  • Exterior Shot of the New Center for Specialized Medicine on Grand

    07/07- Located on Grand beside the new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, SLUCare's new outpatient medical building, the Center for Specialized Medicine, opens Aug. 31, 2020.

  • St. Francis Building at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton

    05/27- SLUCare Physician Group now offers orthopedic specialty care in Fenton, serving residents of South County, Jefferson County and Franklin County.

  • SLUCare vascular surgeon evaluates a patient in the Swelling Clinic

    03/11- Limb swelling can be caused by vascular or lymphatic issues. A new SLUCare clinic aims to help people with leg swelling get the right diagnosis and the right specialty care.

  • Sinusitis: Dr. Antisdel Examines a Patient

    02/19- Mary battled sinus congestion for years. After two surgeries and still no relief, she turned to SLUCare otolaryngologist Dr. Jastin Antisdel, who helped her breathe easy at last.

  • SLUCare Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sumesh Kaswan with Patient

    01/22- Getting back in shape after pregnancy, surgery or weight loss takes time -- and maybe some professional help. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sumesh Kaswan can reshape those curves.

  • SLUCare specialists Dr. Cherie LeFevre and Dr. Andrew Steele

    11/22- Some conditions are tough to discuss - even with a physician. SLUCare vulvar and vaginal disorders specialists understand and offer a caring approach so women can find relief.

  • SLUCare Mohs surgeon Dr. Ramona Behshad with skin cancer patient Bob Williams

    10/23- Bob worried that skin cancer treatment might require several trips from his rural Illinois home to St. Louis for care. SLUCare Mohs surgeons removed the lesion in a single visit.

  • Dr. Alex Lin with Craniofacial Patient

    10/16- Follow the stories of three children forever changed by SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Lin, who used his talents and modern technology to reshape their faces and their lives.

  • SLUCare cosmetic surgeon Dr. Frank Simo and estheticians Julie Moore and Paige Gardner

    09/26- From the SLUCare med-spa in West County, Dr. Frank Simo leads a team dedicated to helping patients rejuvenate skin with cosmetic treatments - from simple facials to facelifts.

  • Dr. Brunworth with a Patient

    08/22- Allergy shots have long been used to alleviate troubling allergy symptoms. But today, many patients are finding relief without injections via custom-designed allergy drops.

  • SLUCare Best Doctors 2019

    07/25- St. Louis Magazine has released its 2019 Best Doctors list, featuring more than 175 SLUCare physicians selected by their professional peers.

  • SLUCare Providers offer treatment to underserved areas around the world.

    06/19- Follow SLUCare physicians as they take medicine to the farthest corners of the world to help those in need. Tune in June 25, 6:30 p.m., KMOV-TV 4.

  • SLUCare Vascular Surgeon Dr. Matthew Smeds

    06/07- When Thomas' sudden back pain was revealed to be a life-threatening blood vessel rupture, he needed help fast. SLUCare Vascular Surgery delivered.

  • Dr. Greenberg and Patient

    05/28- When their son's "growing pains" turned out to be a cancerous bone tumor, 14-year old Quentin's parents found a lifeline in SLUCare orthopedic oncologist Dr. David Greenberg.

  • SLUCare Audiology Team

    04/26- When road noise kept David McLaurin from conversing with his wife in the car, he realized it was time to seek help for his hearing. SLUCare Audiology answered the call.

  • Scoliosis X-ray Spine Surgery

    04/16- Watch as SLUCare orthopedic surgeons give renewed life to patients with extreme spinal conditions, correcting deformities and giving paralyzed patients the ability to walk again.

  • Dr. Howard Place, Dr. Robert Morgan, Dr. Angela Tripp, Dr. Pooria Salari, physician assistant Heidi Roeder

    03/13- More than 50 years after her diagnosis, Sr. Marie Orf could no longer bear the pain of scoliosis. Spine surgeon Dr. Howard Place helped the 75-year-old return to active living.

  • Dr. Ramona Behshad

    02/13- Dr. Ramona Behshad has been named to the St. Louis Business Journal's 40 Under 40 list for 2019. Dr. Behshad is Assistant Professor of Dermatology for Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

  • In this episode of The Science of Healing, see how SLUCare pediatric specialists restore sight, hearing and mobility in the earliest days of childhood.

    12/04- In this episode of The Science of Healing, see how SLUCare pediatric specialists restore sight, hearing and mobility in the earliest days of childhood.

  • SLUCare doctors Brigid Holloran-Schwarz and Keith Pereira

    09/20- Fibroids affect many women, causing pain, abnormal bleeding, digestive discomfort and more. SLUCare offers options for effectively treating fibroids and relieving symptoms.

  • Construction photo of final beam being placed atop new SLU Hospital

    08/17- August 16, 2018: Construction crews placed the final beam atop the new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital in a ceremony celebrated by SLUCare and SSM Health.

  • Liver Transplant Team

    07/31- SLUCare physicians are among a few in the nation performing a reno-portal shunt procedure that enables liver transplant surgery for people who might not otherwise be candidates.

  • SLUCare Reconstructive Urologist Dr. Clay McDonough with Patient

    05/07- SLUCare urologist uses innovative methods, including grafting tissue from other parts of the body, to restore structure and functionality to the ureters, urethra and bladder.

  • SLUCare Urologic Surgeon Dr. Zachary Hamilton

    04/10- SLUCare doctors use modern technology and patient education to detect cancer early and intervene so people can enjoy longer, healthier lives.

  • SLUCare Varicose Vein Team

    03/07- Living with varicose veins or spider veins? SLUCare vascular surgeons want you to know about new treatment options that can improve your legs' appearance and comfort.

  • KMOV The Science of Healing - Virtual Reality

    01/30- Watch The Science of Healing to witness how SLUCare doctors at SSM Health hospitals were able to restore lives through using the latest technologies.

  • View from Above SLU Hospital Construction

    01/30- See the view from above! Construction is well underway at the site of the new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.

  • SLUCare Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Grace Montenegro

    12/07- When Terry Bradshaw's colon cancer returned a second time, doctors referred him to a team of SLUCare specialists who developed a comprehensive plan to treat the cancer and offer Terry a brighter future.

  • SLUCare Vascular Surgeons

    11/16- A ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm could have taken Ronald Grzywacz's life. Fortunately, he got the right treatment at the right time.

  • KMOV The Science of Healing - Transplant Surgery

    10/17- Three very unique patients with life-threatening illnesses are connected by the hope of science. Watch The Science of Healing early Tuesday evening to witness how SLUCare doctors at SSM Health hospitals were able to restore lives.

  • Dr. Hamilton with SLUCare Urology Patient

    09/21- When it comes to bladder, prostate, testicular and kidney cancer, evolving medical technology is saving more lives, says Dr. Zachary Hamilton, SLUCare urologic oncologist.

  • Pictured: Dr. Scott Kaar works with high school athlete Joseph Clay.

    08/25- SLUCare medicine group can help athletes stay active because of its comprehensive services and commitment to returning athletes to the sports they love.

  • KMOV The Science of Healing: Liver Disease

    05/31- A dream team of SLUCare doctors is engaged in groundbreaking liver research. Hear how these specialists already saved Naomi Judd's life and how they are now tackling a new liver virus that's sweeping the country.

  • Pictured: Dr. Kirubahara Vaheesan, biomedical engineer Andy Hall, and Dr. Keith Pereira

    05/23- Minimally invasive procedure eases symptoms without sexual side effects

  • Pictured: SLUCare OB/GYN Dr. Diane Petersen

    05/02- SLUCare obstetrician says a healthy pregnancy begins well before conception.

  • Pictured: Dr. Alex Befeler, Dr. Mustafa Nazzal, and Dr. Kirubahara Vaheesan

    04/11- Specialists deliver coordinated care, advanced treatments to fight liver cancer.

  • Pictured: Dr. Lindsay Lombardo

    02/28- Stones, Lombardo explains, are small, hard mineral deposits made of substances like calcium, oxalate, phosphate and uric acid. In severe cases, a stone like this can disrupt the organ's function completely.

  • Rendering of SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital Rendering

    02/22- ST. LOUIS (February 22, 2017) — SSM Health and SLUCare Physician Group have unveiled renderings for their new $550 million academic medical center in the City of St. Louis.

  • Dr. Sameer Siddiqui Named to 40 Under 40 List

    02/10- Every year, the St. Louis Business Journal recognizes 40 local leaders age 40 and under, representing diverse sectors of the community, such as business, education, transportation and health care. The 2017 list includes Dr. Sameer Siddiqui, Division Chief of Urological Surgery with SLUCare Physician Group.

  • Pictured: The 10-color flow cytometry facilitates swift diagnosis, sometimes within hours.

    01/18- Thanks to another new technology, SLUCare physicians again are on the cutting edge of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, specifically disorders of the blood.

  • Pictured: John and Nicole Bute with daughters Aibhlinn and Abigail

    12/12- The usual stresses of having a baby are challenging enough without the added worry of a high-risk pregnancy. That is why so many women turn to SLUCare Physician Group's Maternal-Fetal Medicine team.

  • Pictured: Luke Gassett

    12/06- Hip surgery returns high school hockey player to the game he loves.

  • The Science of Healing: Saving Babies

    11/30- Learn how SLUCare maternal-fetal medicine specialists helped one mother overcome complications to deliver twin girls, now thriving despite being born at just 25 weeks.

  • FLU Season Tips

    10/01- Read for tips on preventing the flu and identifying flu symptoms.

  • Pictured: SLUCare ophthalmologist Dr. Gabriela Espinoza with Clifford Aerie

    08/16- Ocular plastic surgeon improves vision and appearance with eyelid lift procedure.

  • KMOV Science of Health: Deep Brain Stimulation

    07/25- Through DBS, SLUCare doctors help patients with Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia and obsessive compulsive disorder regain control and take back their lives.

  • Hearing experts match patients with the right hearing aid or implant.

    05/16- Allen Larson's life revolves around music. When he noticed a loss in hearing, Larson feared he might have to retire. But first he enlisted help from the hearing specialists at SLUCare Physician Group.

  • Pictured: The Galbraith family

    05/09- Awaiting the arrival of a child is filled with joy, but also fraught with anxiety. SLUCare FACES program helps families address physical, emotional and social challenges

  • Pictured: Dr. Mark Dykewicz, SLUCare Allergy & Immunology

    05/03- Spring looks good on paper, but for people with allergies, it's not all it's cracked up to be. A warm breeze means pollen, flowers mean bees. For the allergic, life outdoors can mean ‘miserable.'

  • KMOV The Science of Healing: Geriatrics

    01/26- Watch to see how Dr. John Morley and the SLUCare Geriatric Medicine team are working to slow the aging process and create tools for the care and assessment of older patients.

  • Pictured: Speech-language pathologist Michelle Payne and laryngologist Dr. John Eisenbeis

    01/11- SLUCare Voice Disorder Clinic helps patients with vocal cord dysfunction, swallowing problems.

  • Pictured: Drs. Richard Bucholz and Pratap Chand

    11/16- For patients with movement disorders such as essential tremor or Parkinson's disease, simple tasks can pose an extreme challenge. SLUCare specialists use the latest treatments to help patients regain control in their everyday lives.

  • Featured image: SLUCare otolaryngologist Dr. Dary Costa with Evynn

    10/26- Children born with severe hearing loss don't have to live with the condition, Costa says. One option is cochlear implants.

  • KMOV Science of Healing: 3D Printing Special

    08/24- 3D printing allows surgeons to hold a heart, a bone or an aneurysm in their hands long before an incision is made to correct the problem.

  • Pictured: SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Kaswan with a patient

    08/05- After significant weight loss, sagging skin may be left behind. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sumesh Kaswan helps patients lose the excess skin for greater comfort and improved appearance.

  • Pictured: SLUCare neurosurgeon Dr. Jeroen Coppens and team

    07/28- BrainPath enables treatment of tough-to-reach tumors, hemorrhages, it uses all of today's innovations to navigate through the brain into deep locations.

  • Pictured: SLUCare plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Christina Plikaitis

    06/01- Breast surgery has a very personal meaning for many women. Dr. Christina Plikaitis helps women achieve the shape they want to feel natural, healthy and confident.

  • Pictured: Desiree Graham and her daughter, Kylee, visit Dr. Rafif Ghadban.

    05/11- Strabismus, misalignment of the eyes, impairs vision and slows developmental skills. SLUCare pediatric ophthalmologists offer the latest treatments in a supportive, caring environment.

  • Pictured: SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Bernstein with patient Nancy Hier, who required reconstructive surgery following treatment for skin cancer.

    04/27- Think of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures typically come to mind. But SLUCare plastic surgeons are also experts in reconstructive surgery, transplanting healthy tissue from one part of the body to another, as cancer patient Nancy Hier discovered.

  • Pictured: SLUCare cross disciplinary team with neurology and otolaryngology

    11/17- "SLUCare's skull base program covers a wide range of pathologies, but we mainly deal with pituitary tumors and other rare forms of anterior skull base tumors,"

  • Dr. Blakeslee Noyes with patient Kyle Stewart

    10/27- The life expectancy for CF patients has increased dramatically over the last few decades. It is now standard practice to test newborns for the disease, and SLUCare's pediatric pulmonology team is at the forefront of new treatment approaches.

  • Pictured: Orthopedic Surgeon Scott Kaar

    09/22- High school athletes suffer an estimated 2 million sports-related injuries annually. "We have a deeper understanding of sports injuries and their potential long-term repercussions these days," says Dr. Scott Kaar.

  • Pictured: Dr. Jastin Antisdel at Sinus Institute

    05/28- SLU Sinus Institute treats nasal blockages, allergies, recurrent infections, deviated septum, nasal polyps, and brain and eye tumors that can be accessed through the nose.