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SLUCare The Science of Healing

The Science of Healing: Virtual Reality - Medicine's New Frontier;
See How Doctors are Stepping Inside the Human Body to Improve Care

Discover how a simple idea can revolutionize the way medicine is practiced and taught. This episode shows how SLUCare surgeons can "stand" inside a patient’s body and see, with remarkable 3D detail, the operation site before ever lifting a scalpel. Sound like science fiction? This innovative concept is reality — virtual reality — and the technology was developed here in St. Louis by a team of SLUCare  radiologists and members of Saint Louis University’s IT department. Aired Jan. 30, 2018.

The Science of Healing: Organ Transplantation

Three very unique patients with life-threatening illnesses are connected by the hope of science. Watch The Science of Healing and witness how SLUCare transplant doctors at SSM Health hospitals were able to restore lives.
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The Science of Healing: Liver Disease
A dream team of SLUCare doctors is engaged in groundbreaking liver research. Hear how these specialists already saved Naomi Judd's life and how they are now tackling a new liver virus that's sweeping the country.
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The Science of Healing: Saving Babies
Follow three families through their medical journeys. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists help a mother overcome complications to deliver twin girls. Surgeons operate on twins still in the womb. Innovative surgery for endometriosis leads to a long-awaited pregnancy for one young couple.
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The Science of Healing: Deep Brain Stimulation

See how SLUCare doctors are advancing surgical tools and techniques to treat patients with Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia and obsessive compulsive disorder. Deep brain stimulation offers patients the opportunity to regain control and take back their lives.
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The Science of Healing: Geriatrics

See how SLUCare geriatric medicine specialists are shaping care internationally. Renowned gerontologist Dr. John Morley and the SLUCare Geriatric Medicine team are working to slow the aging process and create tools for the care and assessment of older patients.
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The Science of Healing: 3D Printing

SLUCare radiologists and surgeons are working with engineers at Saint Louis University to give medical imaging new depth, breadth and meaning. 3D printing allows surgeons to hold a heart, a bone or an aneurysm in their hands long before an incision is made to correct the problem.

The Science of Healing: Limb Regrowth

In this episode, SLUCare plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Kraemer uses a new material to not only regrow digits for his patients, but he has also found a way to save limbs. These advancements will change the way doctors around the world practice medicine.
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