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Facial Cosmetic Services

Offering Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-aging Treatments and Reconstructive Procedures

Appearances aren't everything, but feeling good about the way you look can boost self-esteem and help you face the world with confidence.

SLUCare facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons Dr. Scott Walen and Dr. Frank Simo help you achieve the look you want through a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Our specialists offer rejuvenating treatments for the aging face, facial plastic surgery for cosmetic or functional purposes, reconstructive procedures for the head and neck following a traumatic injury or skin cancer removal, and other appearance-enhancing procedures — both surgical and non-surgical.

SLUCare Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Services

Dr. Simo evaluates a patient's rhinoplasty.

Surgical Procedures

SLUCare plastic surgeons offer a wide variety of surgical options to help you achieve the look you want.


Injectables and Fillers

Injectable treatments and dermal fillers can be used to smooth facial creases and wrinkles, minimize the appearance of scars, enhance facial contours, plump lips, and improve under-eye appearance.

Skin laser treatment

Laser Treatments

Recent advances in laser technology have dramatically changed the field of cosmetic enhancement to decrease fine lines, even out pigmentation, smooth skin and minimize scarring.

Non laster skin rejuvenation

Non-laser Skin Rejuvenation and Facials

SLUCare providers have several  non-laser skin rejuvenation treatments and facial dermabrasions to relax, hydrate, rejuvenate and deep clean pores.

Beautiful complexion.

Chemical Treatment Options

Chemical peels help to exfoliate the dead skin cells both on the surface of the skin as well as within the cell layers, improving hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, sun damage, texture, and aging. 

SLUCare Rhinoplasty: Anatomy, Physiology and Art

It used to be you could always tell when somebody got a nose job — and the doctor who did it. "Back in the early days of rhinoplasty, most surgeons took a strictly cosmetic approach," explains Dr. Scott Walen of SLUCare facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Read more

Good Glow: Laser Facial Rejuvenation

In the battle against aging, many people aren't willing to accept wrinkles, sunspots and enlarged pores without a fight. Laser skin peels can help, reducing fine lines, discoloration and scarring, and leaving the face looking brighter and younger. Read more

SLUCare Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Dr. Frank Simo Dr. Scott Walen
Frank Simo, MD Scott Walen, MD

Our surgeons are assisted by experienced esthetician Megan Passiglia. Megan Passiglia has more than a decade of experience working in medical spa settings. She is certified to perform laser treatments, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

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